Ashridge Great Barn Equality and Diversity Policy

Our aim is to create a workforce that is diverse, promotes positivity, and instils a can-do attitude in everyone, no matter their background or characteristics.

We will not discriminate on the grounds of age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion or belief, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership or pregnancy and maternity.  We will not be biased or have reservations based on them and oppose all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination.  

We strive to create an environment free of discrimination and prejudice. Where everyone will be treated fairly, with respect, and will be given equal opportunities.  An environment in which individual differences and the ways in which everyone contributes is recognised and valued.

When we are selecting individuals for employment, promotion, training, or anything of this nature, it will be based on the individual’s own merits. Their aptitude and ability will determine their suitability for the role not their background or characteristics. 

We will not tolerate discrimination or prejudice on the premises and will take appropriate action against any person who behaviours inappropriately be they staff or a member of the general public. 

This policy will be monitored and reviewed annually and is considered to be active at all times.